On a recent vacation to Tennessee for fresh air and inspiration. I wanted to find some great examples of art throughout the city. On my journey, I went to the Tennessee Aquarium, The Hunter Museum of American Art, as well as Rock City and Ruby Falls.

To start, I visited the Tennessee Aquarium, in which I found plenty of fish as well as some notable typography. On the back wall in the main room of the aquarium, I found a three story wall featuring fish typography, which included both sans-serif and serif typefaces. In the images to the left, the fish letters shifted colors. I apologize for the dark pictures, but due to the limited light available this is the better image I could capture.

I found the color shifted fish typography to be a nice addition to the main feature of the aquarium, the animals. The wall is not too loud as to be distracting but can be seen from most parts of the main room. The colors used were in the cooler tones, greens and blues, and matched well with the other lighting effects used throughout the exhibit.

The next find brings us face to face with Jelly Fish.

Another find made at the Tennessee Aquarium were the signs for the Jelly FIsh. Upon entering the Jelly Fish rooms, a blue wall feature the words boneless beauties is seen. The letters are not hand painted, but still have the feel of being done by hand.

The feature that caught my eye the most was the tie-in the typography with the art on the wall was the ties of beauties and the Jelly Fish image.

Upon entering the next Jelly Fish room, Jellies: Living Art, the viewer views a nice script typeface that flows well with the Jelly Fish graphic. The type and the graphic are done in a metal.

The feature that caught my eye the most was the flow of the second l in the the Jelly Fish as well as the paring of a script typeface with a sans-serif.

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