User Interface: A Beautiful Decision
By: Joshua Thompson

The world has already gone gaga for 'apps.' Apps can be found on ones phone, tablets, desktop computers, and DVD/blu-ray players. There are even apps for children's toys. These programs are created to provide the users with a service or services for free or at a cost. With all of the new apps released every day and all the different platforms to be released to, the consumer has many different choices.
As a consumer of apps, I have found great functionality in terrible user interface and terrible functionality wrapped in a beautiful user interface. I have searched through many apps to find a balanced app that displays great functionality as well as a beautiful user interface. I find a select few apps that I found to have beautiful user interfaces as well as great functionality.

Flipboard By: Flipboard Inc.
FlipBoard Main Screen
Flipboard is one of my favorite apps at the moment. It combines great design with great functionality.

on Design: The design of Flipboard is that of a living magazine. The articles are presented in a stylish, easy to read, format and ads are almost non-existent. The tiles featuring your feeds display the top story as well as featuring great photos. If a photo is not obtainable, a gradient is presented in its place. The typography of Flipboard is a sans serif typeface making it easy to read, even on the smaller screen of the iPhone. Also, the type will be either black or white to provide legibility as seen in the Technology feed screenshot and the Things Organized Neatly feed screenshot.

on Functionality: The functionality of Flipboard justifies it’s everyday use in eyes. The amount of feeds available is impressive. You could spend days searching and trying out all the different feeds. In trying this app, one may want to search the web for some of the best feeds for Flipboard. All of the categories tiles can be moved around to suit your needs. The flips between articles and on the articles are fluid. The load times are quick, even when on a cellular network. The audio integration is a very nice feature, which includes NPR and Soundcloud.

Food & Wine Cocktails By: American Express Publishing
Food & Wine Cocktails captured my attention with its good looks. The content provided was on par with the design of the app.

on Design: The design of Food & Wine Cocktails is elegant, set primarily in black and white with accents of color throughout. The 'Home' of the app uses a dashboard setup to display the drink options as well as supplementary features such as Cocktail Tips, Food, and Top Bars. The color accents in the app keep to that of a color wheel, starting with warm colors then ending with cool colors. The cocktail gallery as well as the food gallery features a diagonal strip background bringing a much-needed break to the stark white backgrounds seen throughout the app.

on Functionality: The functionality of Food & Wine Cocktails is amongst the better cocktail/drink apps I have encountered in my searches. From the initial download, I was quickly and easily able to find a drink from a spirit that were on hand in my bar. The text was easy to read and the descriptions on drink preparation are explained well. The cocktail tips are short and to the point making them effortless to use.

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