Self-Promotion Poster - Moberly, Mo
Concept: Misaligned Screen Print, Censored Image
11x17 Two color self-promotion poster. Main image was edited in
Photoshop by smart sharpening then it was desaturated. The file quality
was then reduced into a bmp file to attain large enough dots for screen
printing. The text was set in Museo Slab.

Postcard - Columbia, Mo
Concept: The Power of Images - PMS Purple, Grey, Yellow
4x6 Postcard Invite. Printed on 100# Gloss Cover. Image were edited
in Photoshop to fix the contrast and to highlight details. Gentium for
main heading and Univers Condensed for the subheadings. (c)Minuteman Press

Baby Shower Invite - Columbia, Mo
Concept: Bear, Soft Pinks and Yellows
4x6 Postcard Invite. Printed on 100# Matte Cover.
Designed in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Fonts: Amatic
SC, New Cicle, and Dancing Script. (C) Minuteman Press

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